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Moving Circle Pictures, LLC (“MCP”) is a Maine-based video production and filmmaking company offering a full range of production services to help you effectively communicate and reach your audience. From concept to creation, whatever your video needs – marketing, educational, broadcast, web, documentary – MCP wants to partner with you. We do more than make videos, we create momentum.

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The Team

At MCP we believe that everyone has a story to tell, or a message to share. Individual entrepreneurs, small nonprofit organizations and large international corporations – everyone’s project has a story and each one is unique. We carefully tailor our creative teams’ size and expertise to match the needs of each project. Our work is a labor of love and we take pride in helping others bring their stories to life so they can share them with the world.

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Jennifer W. Smith


MCP was founded by Jennifer Widor Smith.  Jen is a producer, director, videographer and editor and thrives on inspiring and thought-provoking cinematic stories and the transformative effect they can have on an individual. She began her film career in 2001 working in various positions on feature films, documentaries, commercials, corporate videos and non-profit videos.  Jen’s experience stretches from filming U.S. Presidents on the coast of Maine all the way to working on sets with mountain lions in the canyons of California, giving her a diverse set of skills and knowledge. She worked ten years for a well-respected Maine-based production company learning the ins and outs of international and local video production before creating MCP.  Jen is always open to learning and gaining new experiences. Among other things, she sits on the Board of the Emerge Film Festival, directed, acted and stage-managed at Acorn Productions and freelanced for MovieMaker Magazine. You can also find her collaborating with other film professionals on their own independent films, documentaries and videos.





Reach thousands of people every month through on-screen advertising at Eveningstar Cinema!

Moving Circle Pictures teamed up with Eveningstar Cinema of Brunswick, Maine to create and help manage their monthly pre-­show program. The pre-show program is a combination of advertisement and entertainment which is shown prior to every movie and is a great way to reach a captive audience. Eveningstar Cinema is an independently owned theater located in the Tontine Mall on Maine Street – the heart of downtown Brunswick. The Cinema has a loyal local following and appeals to many people outside the area being one of the few art houses still around and screening movies that aren’t typically shown at the bigger cineplexes.

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From the circle of life to the orbiting planets, from rolling ocean waves to spinning wheels, circular motion is all around us, even in us. We can harness this powerful energy to create momentum for ourselves personally and professionally. The result – unlimited possibilities.



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