Category: Collaborations

Editing work on the documentary, "The Peloton Project"

The Peloton Project

What a privilege to be part of the editing team for our good friends at Trade-mark R, The Peloton Project, Feature-length... Read more

On location at a dairy farm for "Keep your Milk in Maine" campaign

Keep Your Milk in Maine

Jen had a great time filming this project with long-time collaborator Strongpaw Productions, Keep Your Milk in Maine, Awareness... Read more

Scene from short film, "Merrow"


Help shoot a short film for Damnationland 2012? Yes! Strongpaw Productions, Merrow, Short... Read more

Camera and co-director for Good Shepherd Food Bank project

Good Shepherd Food Bank

Rhonda Wanser Productions, Good Shepherd Food Bank, Short Form Documentary Good Shepherd Food Bank Program Video from Rhonda Wanser on... Read more