In Development

So many ideas, so little time! These are a few of our projects in various states of production:


Why are so many kids suddenly being diagnosed with developmental disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorders and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? Why do the numbers continue to rise at truly astounding rates? This documentary will explore possible explanations for the pervasive presence of these disabilities and whether it’s an American or world phenomenon. Where does the truth of this trend lie; how much of this is simply our evolving diagnostic criteria, and how much is actual change in our biochemical development? Is some of this a shift in social understanding? The dramatic statistics of the last decade show that we cannot delay in examining the American populace as we view it, and treat it, today.

As we address these questions, we will also look at the effect of labels on children and adults who have been diagnosed or misdiagnosed with ASD/ADHD. We will meet children struggling to fit in with the other kids at school as well as adults trying to make their way in life; bringing awareness to the feelings and dreams of the human beings behind the labels.

History, tradition and the love of adventure on the great logging roads of Northern Maine. This project is now in post production.
This documentary follows a Maine woman’s struggle with domestic abuse and despair for over forty years. Editing is in the final stages.
Follow the journey of a woman over nine months as she confronts and explores the universal questions of motherhood and leading an authentic life.